Indoor Volleyball


Welcome to our new world …  We have taken new COVID protocols from our Provincial and National Sport governing bodies to keep our volleyball community safe. Our game may look a little different but it is still great to get back on the court with our friends.

Our Sunday league is now full however you can still join us Saturdays for pickup.
Sundays at Tansley Woods
4pm to 6pm (11 weeks)

Oct 4,18,25      Nov 1,8,15,22,29    Dec 6,13,20

Participant COVID waiver Must be completed to participate in any Jacked Sports events. This waiver only needs to be completed once.  – click here  

COVID-19 wellness check, Self-assessment before you attend each game. Please complete our ‘Fit to Play‘ wellness check online survey prior to coming to any game.  Please do not submit responses more than 24 hours (and no later than 1 hour, 3pm) before your game  – click here

Saturdays 4:30pm to 6:30pm (weekly) drop in $10.00
Every week you want to play just RSVP on Meet Up

Stay healthy and find the things that make you happy!
It’s all fun and games from here
Selina, Vanessa, Robin & Jacquie
Jacked Sports & Social Club Team
  • mandatory daily check-in and self screening emailed to each league participant a few hours before league start times (any ‘yes’ response means that the individual is not permitted to attend)
  • masks are required upon entry, when they are not playing and when they exit of the facility (players are welcome to wear a mask when playing, but they are not required due to potential heat/respiratory issues that may arise during physical exertion)
  • caps on teams & players permitted in the facility during each time-slot (8 team cap per time slot)
  • gaps between time slots to allow for easier social distancing and to ensure that Public Health cap of 50 individuals is not exceeded
  • no spectators will be allowed in gymnasium/court areas 
  • sanitized volleyballs for each game and sanitized equipment between games
  • all matches self-officiated to help keep attendance numbers as low as possible
  • hand sanitizer provided on-site but players are encouraged to bring a personal supply to prevent cross-contamination from shared dispensers
  • 1 meter no play zone at the net to avoid body contact

At Jacked Sports we believe more in  fun vrs the final score!