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Jacked Sports and Social Club








Coed Volleyball    4 pm to 6 pm at Trinity Christian School in Burlington

NEW! Dodgeball     Sunday afternoons, Burlington  

COMING SOON      ACTIVATE  Jacked Sports members will be able to enter teams of 4. You will compete against other teams where you’ll play arcade-style games by actually jumping, climbing, and dodging. You and your team will move between ten interactive rooms, that challenge your teams agility, problem solving, and speed. Dive through lasers. Climb glowing walls. 1.5 hours of fun and team competition. 

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COVID PROTOCOLS – proof of vaccination is required for any of our events.

WAIVER – Please make sure you have signed a waiver before attending any of our programs.  SIGN ONLINE WAIVER

As COVID restrictions change, we look forward to providing more events for our members.