Beach Volleyball

Next season: May 2020 to August 2020


Who: Co-ed 6’s

When: 7pm – 8:30pm

Where: Trinity Beach Courts, Burlington (map) 4 outdoor beach courts, 2 pavilions

DayDivisionTimeStartTeam fee
Monday Intermediate 6's
7pm to 8:30pmMay 11th (13 weeks) $875.00 plus hst
Tuesday Intermediate 6's
7pm to 8:30pmMay 12th (15 weeks)$900.00 plus hst
Wednesday Intermediate 6's
7pm to 8:30pmMay 13th (15 weeks)$900.00 plus hst
Thursday Competitive 6's
7pm to 8:30pmMay 14th (15 weeks)$900.00 plus hst
Friday Recreational 6's

7pm to 8:30pmMay 22 (12 weeks)$775.00 plus hst
SundayMixed 4's

10:30am to 12pmMay 24 (12 weeks)Drop in $10.00
RSVP on Meetup
All that is required is a deposit of $200.00 to hold your team spot. This will give Captains a chance to recruit their teams and collect team fees. The balance is due May 1st. Deposits are non refundable.

TO REGISTER email and let us know what night you would like to play.

Friday night drop in program. RSVP on Meet Up when you want to attend.

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A “Recreational” Player: Ya gotta start somewhere!

A keener who is still in the early learning stages of the game but knows the skills. Knows how to bump, set (a little), and spike.

Makes mistakes (and laughs) – it’s a journey. Can’t always direct their passes to specific players, but gives it their best. We embrace the new players as we all had to start somewhere.

Intermediate Fun: Playing for a few years!

Always attempts to play the real game… pass, set, spike.

7/10 passes go to the person they intend.

May have played high school volleyball or varsity.

Knows about lifts/doubles, etc.

Has a solid knowledge of the game and rules.

Competitive Fun:

Elite high school, club, or varsity player who thrive on good competition.

Higher game tempo.

9/10 passes go to the person they intend.

They know all the skills extremely well. Pass, set, spike is a must.

Game and player strategies are well understood.

Identifying opponent weaknesses (that’s always fun strategy)!


REFUNDS: no refunds once the program begins


Inclement weather for outdoor sports

Rule # 1 – we always show up unless the weather man says its gonna be really nasty. Look for updates on Jacked Sports facebook, instagram and our website for league night cancellations

Rule # 2 – play is temporarily suspended by our league conveners if thunder and lightning is in the area

Rule # 3 – always keep a nice dry towel in your car and an extra shirt

Rule # 4 – weather is bad …. head to Jacked Sports “After the Game” sponsor – Industria Pizzeria and Bar.