Beach Volleyball


Who: Co-ed 6’s

When: 7pm – 8:30pm

Where: Trinity Beach Courts, Burlington (map) 4 outdoor beach courts, 2 pavilions

Start: Monday May 16th 2022

Our Monday to Thursday 2022 Beach leagues are just sold out. We have just added a Sunday night program.

To register a team for Sunday, email Dani at

FREE AGENTS: We do have some teams looking for a couple of players so please email if you are an individual looking for a team. Please let us know if you want to play intermediate or competitive.

DayDivisionTimeStartTeam fee 
Intermediate 6's
7pm to 8:30pmMay 16th (12 weeks) $ 999.99 plus HST FULL
Intermediate 6's
7pm to 8:30pmMay 17th (15 weeks)$1250.00 plus HST
Intermediate 6's
7pm to 8:30pmMay 18th (15 weeks)$1250.00 plus HSTFULL
Competitive 6's
7pm to 8:30pmMay 19th (15 weeks) $1250.00 plus HSTFULL
Sundays - NEW!Inter/Rec7pm to 8:30pmMay 29th (12 weeks)$ 900.00 plus hst4 spots

SUMMER 2022 Teams … Welcome back!

WAIVERS – All players must sign an online waiver to participate. SIGN TEAM WAIVER

Monday League Teams -Heather Davis, Pauline McNally, Anna O’Connor, Wesley O’Neill, Jenn Farranto, Manjit Thiara, Julie White, Melanie Clement

Tuesday League Teams – Alicia Lauwerier, Rob Hoshowsky, Jeff Blignaut, Mike Horner, Marc Veerman, Twylla Curto, Carolyn Johns, Jennifer Lickver

Wednesday League Teams – Laura Howard, Lisa hall, Mark Cataford, Ashleigh Conway, Melissa lee, Wesley Dimney, Justin Da Silva, Trevor Swartz

Thursday League Teams – Markelle Lathem, Steve Patelakis, Mark Jones, Mike Churey, Kelly Dautremont, Cristi So, Jerri Knowles, Greg Moffat

Sunday League Teams –  Michael Spagnolo, HOOMAN HOJATIE, Jessica Reynolds,  Meet Up Team1, Meet up Team2.  We still have 3 spots open!


NEW ! We have just added a Sunday Coed 6’s intermediate/rec league.

Sundays 7pm to 8:30pm, 8 team spots available. Please email if you would like to enter a team.





A “Recreational” Player: Ya gotta start somewhere!

A keener who is still in the early learning stages of the game but knows the skills. Knows how to bump, set (a little), and spike.

Makes mistakes (and laughs) – it’s a journey. Can’t always direct their passes to specific players, but gives it their best. We embrace the new players as we all had to start somewhere.

Intermediate Fun: Playing for a few years!

Always attempts to play the real game… pass, set, spike.

7/10 passes go to the person they intend.

May have played high school volleyball or varsity.

Knows about lifts/doubles, etc.

Has a solid knowledge of the game and rules.

Competitive Fun:

Elite high school, club, or varsity player who thrive on good competition.

Higher game tempo.

9/10 passes go to the person they intend.

They know all the skills extremely well. Pass, set, spike is a must.

Game and player strategies are well understood.

Identifying opponent weaknesses (that’s always fun strategy)!


REFUNDS: no refunds once the program begins


Inclement weather for outdoor sports

Rule # 1 – we always show up unless the weather man says its gonna be really nasty. Look for updates on Jacked Sports facebook, instagram and our website for league night cancellations

Rule # 2 – play is temporarily suspended by our league conveners if thunder and lightning is in the area

Rule # 3 – always keep a nice dry towel in your car and an extra shirt

Rule # 4 – weather is bad …. head to Jacked Sports “After the Game” sponsor – Industria Pizzeria and Bar.