Beach Volleyball


Next season: May 2018 to August 2018

Who: Co-ed 6’s

When: 7pm – 8:30pm

Where: Trinity Beach Courts, Burlington (map) 4 outdoor beach courts, 2 pavilions

DayDivisionTimeStartTeam fee
Monday - SOLD OUTIntermediate 6's7pm to 8:30pmMay 14 (13 weeks) $725.00 plus hst
Tuesday - SOLD OUTIntermediate 6's7pm to 8:30pmMay 15 (15 weeks)$775.00 plus hst
Wednesday - SOLD OUTIntermediate 6's7pm to 8:30pmMay 16 (15 weeks)$775.00 plus hst
Thursday - SOLD OUTCompetitive 6's7pm to 8:30pmMay 17 (15 weeks)$775.00 plus hst
Friday - 4 spotsRecreational 6's7pm to 8:30pmMay 25 (12 weeks)$650.00 plus hst
All that is required is a deposit of $200.00 to hold your team spot. This will give Captains a chance to recruit their teams and collect team fees. The balance is due May 1st. Deposits are non refundable.

Friday night drop in program. RSVP on Meet Up when you want to attend.


After the Game Sponsors

Alright, you’ve got all the information. One more step to get in the game…


 Teams confirmations

Monday – SOLD OUT Dawson, Wilson, Wolseley, Hall, Guggenmoos, Cass, Hoshowsky, McCurdy

Tuesday – SOLD OUT Lauwerier, Bharat, Denvir, Telfer, Spagnolo, Blignaut,  Johnstone, Chin

Wednesday – SOLD OUT Cannata, Visser, Meyer, Morao, Douglas, Da Silva, Craigie, Hennessy

Thursday – SOLD OUT Cameron, Lai, Churey, Walsh, Patelakis, Goodale, Jones, Dorsman

Friday – Inappropriate touches 1, Inappropriate touches 2, still room to join! What will your team name be ? We have a couple doozies so far!

Inclement weather for outdoor sports

Rule # 1 – we always show up unless the weather man says its gonna be really nasty. Look for updates on Jacked Sports facebook, instagram and our website for league night cancellations

Rule # 2 – play is temporarily suspended by our league conveners if thunder and lightning is in the area

Rule # 3 – always keep a nice dry towel in your car and an extra shirt

Rule # 4 – weather is bad …. head to Jacked Sports “After the Game” sponsor – Industria Pizzeria and Bar.